City of San Antonio


MARCH 2017

MONDAY – 2/27

A.Swiss Steak w Stewed Tomatoes

B.Baked Ham Chunks w Pineapples
Seasoned Blackeye Peas ½ c
Mixed Greens ½ c

Seasonal Fresh Fruit 1
Wheat Roll 1

TUESDAY – 2/28

A.Cold KRAB Salad w Shredded Carrots

B.Sliced Grilled Chicken w Spinach Salad Mix
(Craisins, Cucumbers, Cherry Tomatoes)
Cold Pea Salad ½ c
2 pkgs unsalted wheat saltines
Tropical Fruit Cup ½ c


A.Grilled Lemon Pepper Fish w Tartar Sauce

B.Beef Taco w Tortilla
Relish Cup of chopped onions, Tomatoes

French Style Beans ½ c
Rice Pilaf ½ c
Seasonal Fresh Fruit 1


A.***Pork Riblet w/ LS Gravy

B.Sliced Smoked Beef Sausage w Salsa

Sauteed Green Cabbage ½ c
Herb Flavored Potatoes ½ c

Wheat Roll 1
Flour Tortilla

Fresh Fruit 1

FRIDAY – 3/3

A.Cold Chicken Pasta Salad w Spiral Noodles & Cherry Tomatoes

B.*** Italian Dressing
Tuna Macaroni Salad w Lettuce & Tomato

Cold Corn Relish Chutney ½ c
2 pkgs Unsalted Crackers
Chilled Pears ½ c

MONDAY – 3/6

A. Chopped BBQ Beef 5 oz

B. Chicken Patty w Orange Sauce 3oz

Green Peas & Carrots ½ c
HB Bun (1) 1.4oz
Fresh Fruit ½ c


A. Cold Chicken Pasta Salad Elbow Noodle 5 oz

B. Cold Diced Ham w Spiral Noodle Salad

Pickled Beets ½ c
Carrot Sticks w Dressing ½ c
Unsalted crackers 2pkgs
Fresh Fruit


A. Herb Roasted Chicken Breast 4oz

B. Hot Tuna Casserole 6oz

Green Beans ½ c
Yellow Squash Medley ½ c
Wheat Roll (1) 1.2 oz
Sugar Free Gelatin 4oz


A. Swiss Steak w Tomatoes 4 oz

B. Ham Slice w Pineapple Glaze 3 oz

Sweet Potatoes ½ c
Mixed Greens ½ c
Wheat Bread (1)
Fresh Fruit ½ c

FRIDAY – 2/10

A. Grilled Fish w Tartar Sauce

B. Grilled Chicken Patty w Onions & Peppers

Baked Beans ½ c
Cole Slaw Cups ½ c
Wheat Tortilla (1)
Fresh Fruit ½ c

MONDAY – 3/13

A. Orange Chicken w Broccoli 3 oz

B. Teriyaki Pork 3oz

Mixed Brown Rice ½ c
Asian Blend Veggies ½ c
Egg Roll (1)
Mandarin Orange Cup ½ c
Fortune Cookie (1)

TUESDAY – 3/14

A. Lasagna Casserole

B. Roast Beef 3oz w LS Gravy

Mashed Potatoes ½ c
A&B French Style String Beans
A&B Tossed Mixed Salad w F/F Dressing

Wheat Roll (1)
Oatmeal Cookies (1)

Fresh Fruit


A. Blackened Fish w Peach Chutney 4 oz

B. Swedish Meatballs 3oz

Herb Flavored Noodles ½ c
California Blend Veggies ½ c
Green Beans w Tomato Bits
½ c
Wheat Roll (1)
Fresh Fruit ½ c


A. Chicago Dog 3oz (1)

B. Hamburger 3oz (1)

Tater Tots ½ c
Peas & Carrots ½ c

Ketchup 9gm, Mustard 5.5gm
Relish (HB only) 12gm, Mayo (HB only) 12gm
Wheat Hot Dog (A)
Hamburger Bun (B)

FRIDAY – 3/17

A. Tuna Wrap with Spinach

B. Cold Meatloaf Sandwich
Sandwiches on Wheat Bread

Baked Chips
Shredded Lettuce & Tomato
A & B
Carrot & Celery Sticks w Dip
Fresh Fruit
Mustard, Mayonnaise pkg

MONDAY – 3/20

A. King Ranch Chicken w Vegetables

B.Beef and Broccoli over Steamed Rice

1 Corn Muffin
Tossed Salad w F/F Dressing pkg
Marinated Cucumber & Tomato Cups ½ c
Fresh Fruit (1)

TUESDAY – 3/21

A. Sliced Ham with Glaze 3 oz

B.Sliced Turkey w Poultry Gravy 3 oz

Sweet Potatoes w Raisin ½ c
Steamed Green Cabbage ½ c
Wheat Roll (1)
Fresh Fruit ½ c


A.Cold “Krab” Salad w Shredded Carrots

B.Chicken Salad Sandwich w Craisins

Italian Marinated Corn Chow Chow ½ c
1 Wheat Roll (A)
2 Wheat Slices (B)
Pineapple Cups ½ c


A.Stir Fry Chicken w Vegetables 3 oz

B.Kung Pao Pork 3oz ½ c

Fried Rice ½ c
Oriental Crunchy Noodles ½ c
Broccoli ½ c
Fortune Cookie (1)
Fresh Fruit 1

FRIDAY – 3/24

A.Fish Sandwich 4 oz

B.Chicken Sandwich 4 oz

HB Bun (1)
Oven Fries ½ c
Seasoned Spinach ½ c
Tartar Sauce (A)
Ketchup 9gm
Mayo (B)
Wheat HB Bun
Fresh Fruit ½ c

MONDAY – 3/27

A.SSwiss Burger 4 oz

B.Mushroom Chicken Breast 4 oz

Red Potatoes w Dill ½ c
Capri Blend Veggies ½ c
1 Wheat HB Bun (A)
1 Wheat Roll (B)

Ketchup 9gm, Mustard 5.5g
Mayo 12gm
Sugar Free Gelatin 4oz

TUESDAY – 3/28

A.Pork Tamal (2) 4oz with Spanish Rice ½ c

B.Steamed Yellow Squash ½ c
Picante Sauce .5oz

A&B Mixed Green

Chili Mac Casserole 4oz
Chopped Broccoli (B)
Wheat Roll
Fresh Fruit


A.Meatloaf w Brown L/S Gravy 3oz

B.Pork Riblet w BBQ Sauce 3 oz

Sauteed Green Cabbage ½ c
Scalloped Potatoes ½ c
Wheat Roll (1)
Fresh Fruit ½ c


A.Sesame Chicken Pasta

B.Salad w/ Shredded Carrots 6oz
Tuna Sandwich w Lettuce Tomato Low Sodium Mayo

Saltine Crackers(2ct) 2pkg (A)
2 Wheat Slice (B)

Cold Pea Salad ½ c
Pineapple Tidbits ½ c

FRIDAY – 3/31

A.Breaded Lemon Pepper Fish 4 oz

B.Wheat Roll 1
Tartar Sauce 1
Beef Taco Meat w Flour Tortilla (1)
Shredded Lettuce & Tomato

Tater Tots ½ c
Wax Beans ½ c

Oatmeal Cookie (1)
Fresh Fruit 1

Available for registered special diet participants.
All Meat Portions 3oz (unless specified) *1 Butter pod w/ bread/ roll ** F/F Salad Dressing ***Low Sodium Gravy **** Ketchup, Mustard, Relish
* All meals will include 8oz Milk or Calcium Fortified Juice.