City of San Antonio



MONDAY – 7/31

A.Macaroni & Cheese w/ Ham Chunks

B.Picadillo w/ Tortilla

Mashed Sweet Potatoes 1/2 c Mixed Greens 1/2 c
Fresh Fruit (1)


A.Spaghetti 1/2 c Chicken Meatballs 3 oz

B.Blackened Fish w/ Tartar Sauce

Italian Blend Veggies 1/2 c Yellow Kernel Corn 1/2 c Fresh Fruit (1)


A.Beef Steak Patty 3 oz w/
Mushrooms & Onions LS Brown Gravy

B.Sliced Turkey w/ LS Poultry Gravy 4 oz
Brown Rice 1/2 c
Green Bean Almandine 1/2 c
Fruit Cup 1/2 c


A. Pimento Cheese/Lettuce Sandwich
Wheat Bread (2 slices)

B.Ham & Cheese Wrap w/ Spinach
Lite Mayo Package (1)
Tomato Slices 1/2 c

Carrot & Celery Sticks 1/2 c w/ FF Ranch Dip
Fresh Fruit (1)

FRIDAY – 8/4

A.Chicken Fajita w/ Corn Tortilla

B.Ravioli w/ Meat Sauce
Wheat Roll (1)

Green Beans 1/2 c Beets 1/2 c
Fresh Fruit (1)

MONDAY – 8/7

A. Chopped BBQ Beef

B. Chicken Patty with Orange Sauce

Green Peas & Carrots
Fresh Fruit


A. Cold Chicken Pasta Salad w/ Elbow Noodles

B. Cold Diced Ham Salad w/ Spiral Noodles

Pickled Beets
Carrot Sticks w/ Dressing
Unsalted Wheat Crackers
Fresh Fruit


A. Herb Roasted Chicken Breast

B. Hot Tuna Casserole

Green Beans
Yellow Squash Medley
Wheat Roll
Sugar Free Gelatin


A. Swiss Steak with Tomatoes

B. Ham Slice with Pineapple Glaze

Sweet Potatoes
Mixed Greens
Wheat Roll
Fresh Fruit

FRIDAY – 8/11

A. Grilled Fish w/ Tartar Sauce

B. Grilled Chicken Patty with Onions & Peppers

Baked Beans
Capri Blend Veggies
Wheat Tortilla
Fresh Fruit

MONDAY – 8/14

A. Orange Chicken with Broccoli

B.  Teriyaki Pork

Mixed Brown Rice
Asian Blend Veggies
Egg Roll
Mandarin Orange Cup
Fortune Cookie

TUESDAY – 8/15

A. Lasagna Casserole with CornLasagna Casserole with Corn

B. Roast Beef w/ LS Gravy and Mashed Potatoes

French Style String Beans
Wheat Roll
Fresh Fruit


A. Blackened Fish with Peach Chutney

B. Swedish Meatballs

Herb Flavored Noodles
California Blend Veggies
Green Beans w/ Tomato Bits
Wheat Roll
Fresh Fruit


A. Chicago Dog on a Wheat Hot Dog Bun with Relish

B. Hamburger on a Whole Wheat Hamburger Bun with Mayo

Tater Tots
Peas & Carrots
Ketchup, Mustard,

FRIDAY – 8/18

A. Tuna Wrap with Spinach

B. Cold Meatloaf Sandwich on Wheat Bread

Shredded lettuce and Tomato
Carrot & Celery Sticks w/ Dip
Fresh Fruit
Mustard & Mayo Package

MONDAY – 8/21

A. King Ranch Chicken w/ Veggies

B.Beef & Broccoli over Steamed Rice

Mixed Veggies
Wheat Roll
Fresh Fruit

TUESDAY – 8/22

A. Sliced Ham w/ Glaze

B.Slicked Turkey W/ Poultry Gravy

Sweet Potatoes w/ Raisins
Steamed Green Cabbage
Wheat Roll
Fresh Fruit


A.Cold “Krab” Salad w/ Shredded Carrots and a Wheat Roll

B.Chicken Salad Sandwich w/ Craisens on Sliced Wheat Bread

Italian Marinated Corn Chow Chow
Pineapple Cup


A.Stir Fry Chicken w/ Vegetables

B.Kung Pao Pork

Fried Rice
Oriental Crunchy Noodles
Fortune Cookie
Fruit Cup

FRIDAY – 8/25

A.Fish Sandwich w/ Tartar Sauce

B.Chicken Sandwich w/ Mayo

Wheat Bun
Oven Fries
Seasoned Spinach
Fresh Fruit

MONDAY – 8/28

A.Meatloaf w/ Brown LS Gravy

B.Pork Riblet w/ BBQ Sauce

Sauteed Green Cabbage
Scalloped Potatoes
Wheat Roll
Fresh Fruit

TUESDAY – 8/29

A.Pork Tamale with Picante Sauce, Spanish Rice and Steamed Yellow Squash

B.Chili Mac Casserole, Wheat Roll and Chopped Broccoli

Mixed Greens
Fresh Fruit


A.Swiss Burger on a Wheat Bun with Ketchup, Mustard and Mayo Packs

B.Mushroom Chicken Breast on Wheat Roll

Red Potatoes w/ Dill
Capri Blend Veggies
Sugar Free Gelatin


A.Sesame Chicken Pasta Salad w/ Shredded Carrots and Wheat Crackers

B.Tuna Sandwich w/ Lettuce, Tomato, and LS Mayo on Slicked Wheat Bread

Cold Pea Salad
Pineapple Tidbits

FRIDAY – 9/1

A.Breaded Lemon Pepper Fish w/ Tarter Sauce and Rice Pilaf

B.Beef Taco Meat w/ Shredded Lettuce, Tomato and Spanish Rice

Tater Tots
Wax Beans
Fresh Fruit

Available for registered special diet participants.
All Meat Portions 3oz (unless specified) *1 Butter pod w/ bread/ roll ** F/F Salad Dressing ***Low Sodium Gravy **** Ketchup, Mustard, Relish
* All meals will include 8oz Milk or Calcium Fortified Juice.