Infestation at Aurora Apartements ‘beyond unacceptable’

Posted by: onMarch 15, 2017


Selrico’s culinary team was on-site providing three meals to seniors at the Aurora Apartments until their homes are safe to cook in again.

SAN ANTONIO – Along with the exterminators and people in hazmat suits at the Aurora Apartments this week, an official with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development saw for herself Thursday why the Metropolitan Health District said the situation is a public health nuisance.

“In their own words, it’s beyond unacceptable,” Carol Schliesinger, spokeswoman for Metro Health, said after she and city staff showed the HUD representative what seniors and the disabled residents have endured.

HUD provides the residence federal rental assistance to live in the privately owned high-rise north of downtown, which was once a Depression-era hotel.

Schliesinger said the local HUD official, who reports to Washington, D.C., saw “bed bugs on the beds, cockroaches around the door frames, termite damage that was painted and taped over, and where residents saw mice.”

In addition to receiving a report about the situation, she said HUD will be reviewing any complaints or paperwork filed with the agency, along with monitoring the progress of the abatement with Metro Health.

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