Commitment to those we serve.

san_antonioWith headquarter offices situated in the heart of San Antonio’s inner-city, Selrico is devoted to improving our community and giving back to the impoverished. Our employees come from all walks of life and have experience ranging from corporate accounting to inner-city and minority teaching. This diversity is only one of the reasons why we are able to thrive in our community. We keep our fingers on the pulse of San Antonio by staying active in the government and private sectors. Our achievements include twice earning the Hennessy Award for outstanding management skills, advice, and mentorship of armed forces food and beverage professionals. Selrico has also been presented with six Edward Ney awards for receiving a five-star rating from a Navy evaluation team, as well as awards for business growth from Inc. Magazine. CEO Rick Aleman has also garnered countless professional and humanitarian awards from universities, corporations, government sectors, and religious institutions. He continues to be an active philanthropist with outreach in many San Antonio communities all while spurring on the ongoing success of Selrico.

Because we have our finger on the pulse of San Antonio and spend time rubbing elbows with San Antonio lawmakers, we are able to affect real change for our community. These changes come in a variety of efforts such as offering nutritious meals and clean facilities to low-income populations that would otherwise not benefit from these services.

San_Pedro_ParkSelrico is especially proud of our contribution to the San Antonio's Pre-K 4 SA Program which has revolutionized the way low-income students receive assistance. "The Rockefeller Foundation named the city of San Antonio's Pre-K 4 SA initiative [one of the] 'Top 10 State and Metropolitan Innovations to Watch in 2013'." By providing support to this program, Selrico is able to not only help reach more than 22,400 four-year old children over an eight year period by giving each of them healthy meals that will aid in preparing for their education and their future. Our commitment and desire is to create a positive future for the people we serve while still keeping true to our roots as San Antonio citizens. We contract with a wide range of organizations from local businesses to military outfits in secluded war zones. We look for every opportunity to help those in need.

“Over the past few years El Carmen Senior Center has faced many challenges while struggling to remain open for the senior citizens of the community. The center would like to give special thanks to Rick Aleman, the owner of Selrico, for preparing the hot meals while providing excellent service to the seniors. They would like to thank James Gonzaba for his dedication and commitment to not only helping El Carmen Senior Center but also doing his best to improve other centers throughout San Antonio.”

El Carmen Senior Center