Selrico’s School Food Program Work in San Antonio

Posted by: onJuly 11, 2016

As they say, our young people are our future. The best we can hope is that our sons and daughters grow up to learn from any of our own mistakes and learn to make their unique, positive impressions on the world. That’s why Selrico Services is so dedicated to school food program services and top-notch meals for our young generation in San Antonio.

San Antonio School Food Program

We understand the importance of proper nutrition through enticing and well-prepared food options to bring up our young people with healthy bodies and minds. We are happy to provide the best meals through the school food program Pre-K 4 SA in San Antonio. This great program focuses on high-quality prekindergarten services for our community’s four-year-olds, including high-quality meals for the each whole school day. Selrico provides well-balanced, nutritious meals through this school food program for children.

Through Pre-K 4 SA, we make and deliver free nutritious breakfasts, lunches, and snacks to students each day at no extra cost to them. We prepare the menu meals off-site before delivering them to four different Education Centers.

See for yourself! Here’s an example of our menu:

Whole Grain Chicken & Biscuits
Whole Grain Chicken Nuggets
Whole Grain Biscuit
Cinnamon Peaches

Spaghetti & Meat Sauce
Ground Chicken
Whole Wheat Spaghetti
Spaghetti Sauce
Green Peas
Diced Carrots
Fresh Fruit Cup

Corn Nuts
100% Orange Juice

Late Snack:
Oatmeal Strawberry Bar
Fresh Whole Fruit

(You can view our full school food program menu for the month here.)

As you can see, we choose meals that are focused on whole food ingredients so each kid gets all of the vitamins and minerals they need for a successful school day and proper development. It’s been shown through research that the most impact in better overall school success comes from high-quality education and resources, such as access to daily nutritious meals, during prekindergarten.

Selrico Services also prepares the school food program menu and meal delivery for the following schools:

Selrico’s School Food Program Services

Our goal is to make sure San Antonio’s children and youth have access to quality meals, regardless of family income or education level, through a successful school food program in the San Antonio area. Besides delivering meals, we offer nutrition workshops for families, as well as support for student-run gardens.

Our school food program team members are proud of their ranking as the friendliest and most qualified in this industry. The reason? They love their work and the chance to make a difference in our communities. We guarantee high quality service for those who need it most, and it’s always delivered with a smile and that extra touch—every single time.

Besides school food programs, Selrico makes nutritious meals for our community’s senior citizens and U.S. soldiers. Read more about our food services here.